Bovada Super Bowl Odds

The Bovada online sportsbook NFL and Super Bowl betting is legendary. These guys have been offering international sports betting services for nearly two decades. So they know a thing or two about odds and markets!

The Bovada Super Bowl betting markets are extensive, covering loads of betting styles from points spread to futures to parlay bets. Even though the 2023 championship game is yet to come, you can get your bets in now at Bovada!

Super Bowl - Bet Now!

State of Play: The Odds Today

As of early 2024, the Kansas City Chiefs are Bovada's favourites to win Super Bowl 58 at 225+. If you think that's good value - you can lock that in right now with Bovada's futures betting. Easy!


Super Bowl betting at Bovada couldn't have more options! You can try betting on the big game via:

  • Point spread bets
  • Classic win or lose Moneyline bets
  • Props sheets - where you bet on individual markets in the game such as scorers, number of TDs or even the result of the opening coin toss
  • Parlay bets, where you combine multiple wagers into a single bet. The odds are vastly multiplied for each additional bet, but if even one loses - your whole bet loses too.
  • Futures bets. The simplest type of bet at Bovada, and likely to have the best odds. Lock your Future pick for The Super Bowl game in now for the best odds - as they're likely to move throughout the season as it becomes clearer who's in good form.
  • Totals Bets. These let you bet on the total amount of points scored in the Super Bowl game, or any NFL game really. You can bet on an exact score, if you're a mad lad, or you can take the more careful Over and Under bet. This is where you bet on the combined score being Over or Under a certain total.

That's a lot of choice! Parlay Bets and futures offer the best odds at Bovada, especially if you lock them in early in the season. Classic Moneyline bets offer the lowest odds and the least returns, but also the least risk as there's only two teams to pick from. You won't be able to lock these in until the Super Bowl matchup is confirmed either.

So there you have it - all the Super Bowl betting odds and types of bets available at Bovada Sportsbook, today. Plus, some tips on how to make the most of your betting experience. Now, all we got to do is wait for the big game and hope your bets come through! Good luck.