Is Bovada Legal In Texas?

If you want to know exactly what's going down with the legal status of Bovada in Texas - we've got you covered. Texans absolutely love sports, with many of the nations top teams based here. Go Cowboys!

So it's only fair y'all to put a quick wager or two on your favourite teams right?

Bovada has been offering this service to Texans for over 20 years, with absolutely no legal interruptions along the way. Some old curmudgeonly evangelist on Capitol Hill might try and argue otherwise - but the fact is Bovada sportsbook and casino is 100% legal for players in Texas.

Anyway let's get into the details of this slightly complicated topic, so you can be certain you're safe betting at Bovada.

The Short Answer - Yes

It is totally legal to play at offshore international sites like Bovada, who are based in Costa Rica. Running a sportsbook in Texas itself is illegal. But playing at offshore sites certainly isn't!

Not one player in Texas has ever been under the eye of the law for placing bets at Bovada. It doesn't happen.

On a federal level, courts and judges argued for years on this issue without a clear conclusion and Bovada has continued openly serving US customers the whole time! That's the short of it. But how did we get into this situation?

Is Bovada Legal - The Long Answer

  • Bovada is legal to play at from Texas, as there are no laws against it
  • Bovada is licenced to operate from Costa Rica
  • The repeal of PASPA in 1992 eased concerns about offshore sites
  • Texas may regulate gambling in the future
  • This could make sportsbooks like Bovada illegal at some point, but it's unlikely and you'll have a lot of notice
  • Today - Bovada is totally safe and legal to visit for Texans

Offshore gambling in the US was in a very grey area for many years, until the late 2010s. Some federal judges would say sports betting for an US resident was entirely illegal - even at sites based outside the US. Many more judges would say the law was unclear, or it's up to states to decide.

In Texas, there is no law prohibiting residents betting at sites based outside of the US. Therefore - you're good to go.

The future was uncertain for a while though. Many in the business worried lawmakers might finally clear up sports betting laws.

But the repeal of PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, showed politicians were keen on sports betting. This took pressure off sites like Bovada, and the new de-facto legal status quo settled.

Bovada, and other online sportsbooks, are totally legal and safe for Texans to play at once again!

What About Other States?

Since PASPA was repealed in 20128 - 5 states have legalised in-state sports betting with a regulated market.

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York

These regulated markets tend to have laws specifically outlawing internationally operated sites from serving players in those states. So, you can't make an account at Bovada if your address is any of the above states. But of you course you have local alternatives.

Meanwhile in Texas - you can go download Bovada and start legal sports betting today. Home of the free baby!