Bovada Live Betting

If you want to bet on live sports at Bovada - our guide has you covered. Bovada is a top-tier international sportsbook and casino, who have been serving US customers for over 20 years. They've been offering live betting for most of that time too, so they have a reliable service with super quick updates.

Live bets at Bovada sportsbook can be placed on many of the hundred several dozen sports available. But not all! Live bets can be placed on classic straight up bets, over/under lines and special prop bets too. There are literally hundreds of markets for live bets at Bovada, available all the time.

Live Betting: What Is It?

So what is live sports betting at Bovada? Well, it's quite simple really. Live betting is just wagers placed live, during the game, match or other event. This is the opposite of futures bets which are placed well before the event in question takes place, or they play out over the course of a tournament or season.

Live bets are uniquely suited to prop, or proposition bets, such as the next scorer or the winner of the next round. Live bets are also good for catching valuable swings on odds.

Certain that your team or player is going to make a comeback win after going down in the first part of the game? Live betting at Bovada sportsbook lets you take advantage of the odds swings as the game play out. When the market isn't as certain as you, the odds could play out in your favour.

What Kind of Bets Can You Make?

Live bets can be placed in the following forms at Bovada:

  • Classic straight up win/lose bets, either on a line or with decimal odds. Take advantage of in game odd swings if you have the nerve!
  • Over/under bets for each part of the event, be that rounds, halves, quarters or periods
  • Spread bets starting from any point in the match
  • Prop bets. In live betting these can include next scorer, next round winner or loads of other technical aspects of each individual sport

As you can see, live wagers is great for wily bettors looking to take advantage of other bettors cashing out and swinging the market. Bovada sportsbook already offers a great range of markets, wager types and odds - and with live betting in the mix there's even more potential to mix things up.

You won't find Parlay or combination bets available during live games at Bovada, as things can get complicated for the bookmaker doing this. But still - it's a very exciting addition to their sportsbook regardless!

Live Betting at Bovada: Which Sports are Best?

The following sports are popular and well suited to live betting, so there's loads of Bovada live betting markets on them. They are:

  • Soccer, from the various big leagues and international tournaments
  • NFL Football
  • NBA Basketball
  • Tennis

Other sports do see live betting markets appear during major events, such as golf, MMA and boxing. However - the above sports are globally popular, so they have live betting options available on every day of the week.

Live betting on soccer at Bovada is particular expansive, with a ridiculous number of live markets and options throughout every single day of the week. Easy.

Sign up now through our link and check Bovada out yourself. Good luck!