Bovada EPL

Can you bet on English Premier League soccer at Bovada? Of course you can! Bovada online sportsbook has been around for decades, and soccer (or football to our non-American friends) has been the world's most popular sport throughout all of that time.

So, by now, Bovada should know a thing or two about soccer betting. And, in soccer, there's no bigger league than England's Premier League - or the EPL.

Bet on globally iconic teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Everton and all the rest of the 20 top-tier teams. All with loads of betting type options including futures, over unders, props, totals and absolutely loads more. Sounds like a soccer fans dream so far - but let's get into the details.


Being one league in a wider sport, there's only so many EPL markets at Bovada. And that is - all of them. You can bet on every single match of the Premier League season at Bovada. Simple!

That includes hyped derby matches like:

  • Manchester City vs Manchester United
  • Liverpool v Everton
  • Arsenal vs Tottenham
  • Wolves vs Aston Villa

And every other exciting clash on the calendar. As well as the individual matches, there's also futures markets aplenty too. Plus an awesome Bovada Premier League bet builders for Prop and Parlay bets. Nice!

Bet Types

As the most popular sport in the world, people like to bet on soccer in all sorts of ways. With that in mind, it's no surprise the Bovada EPL soccer betting wager selection is top tier. You'll find and incredible range of bets to make here including:

  • Classic win, lose or draw bets
  • Score spread bets
  • Over/under total goals, passes, tackles and more
  • Half time + full time predictions
  • Prop bets like corners, individual goalscorers, first goalscorer, players to get assists and more

This truly is a ridiculous range of bets. Soccer is a huge sport, so every sportsbook does their best to cater to all kinds of bets on it. Bovada's EPL soccer betting wages are impressive, even in a crowded market.

Absolutely smashed into top bins my son, as they say on the terraces in the UK. Or something like that.

Final Score: Our Verdict

Absolutely excellent in all areas of the pitch. Bovada's English Premier League soccer betting is unparalleled among international sportsbooks. The late 90's Manchester United of EPL betting sites for US players.

You'll have more options than Manchester City's bench and more markets to choose from than a Liverpool player scout.

There's every game of the season available, and literally hundreds of possible bets to place on each game plus futures.

And it's all wrapped up with lovely form guides for each matchup and a useful bet building tool for Parlays or Props as well. Incredible scenes from the Bovada sportsbook EPL betting section. Click our link and get involved!