Bovada March Madness Odds

If you want to bet on March Madness from the US, there aren't many better options than Bovada Sportsbook. The highlight of the collegiate basketball season, the March Madness tournament features 68 of the best and brightest college basketball teams in a single elimination tournament to take it all.

First dubbed March Madness by Henry V. Porter of the Illinois High School Association in the 1930s, the name stuck and nearly 100 years later is still going strong. This tournament is one of the biggest sports betting events of the year for US fans, and Bovada is the perfect place to up the ante with bets on every hoop, quarter, scorer, finals winner and more!

Sounds good on the surface - but let's get into the details before we call it. And we've got a few cheeky tips for 2023 for you at the end!

Betting on March Madness at Bovada: Odds & Markets

Bovada's March Madness betting covers all the major markets you could want. That means every matchup covered for a start. Plus:

  • Live betting markets during each game
  • Prop bets like tournament MVP, top scorer etc.
  • Futures markets such as outright tournament winner, place predictions for each team and more

That's a whole lot of options right there. And there are loads of different wagers on each too.

There are many ways March Madness odds are displayed at Bovada . For example, classic American betting Lines. Or bet in decimal odds, or traditional fractional odds. You can also choose spread bets, over/unders and basic Moneyline odds.

Bovada's odds are, usually, in line with other global sportsbooks. Keep a constant eye on pregame updates like injuries or form to beat everyone else (and the house) to the best odds!

At the moment, Bovada's favourites are:

  • Houston Cougars at + 600
  • Kansas Jayhawks at +900
  • Purdue Boilermakers at +1000

But this could all change by the time the first ball hits the court. So, if you like some of those odds feel free to click our link and lock in now!

Bovada Sportsbook Bet Types

As well as all those markets, there's dozens of different bets available on them too. These include:

  • Prop bets - next scorer, next foul, most points,
  • Futures bets - outright bets on who will win the tournaments
  • Over/under bets on overall scores, individual players
  • Spread bets on the score of each match
  • Live bets - any of the above but made during play as the match unfolds
  • Parlay bets that involve a combination of the above

Parlay bets are always a popular pick for March Madness wagering at Bovada. Add a 2 or more bets together, and you'll multiply the odds by a lot - but if one bet loses, they all do!

Our Bovada March Madness Best Bet Picks

So, now you know all the markets and bets you can pick - what would our experts choose?

Well, we'd say a safe bet is to ignore low seed Wild Card picks after the first two brackets are done. Only three small colleges seeded out of the top 10 have ever made the final four. They might do well in the early rounds - but the big teams generally dominate as the tournament progresses.

This year, defensive teams are expected to do well. And the favourites, The Houston Cougars, are a defensive team. Expect them to go far. They currently have good value at Bovada's current 600+ too.