Bovada Vouchers

Bovada online casino and sportsbook has been in the game for a long time. Nearly two decades of serving US gamblers in fact. You don't get to the top without taking a few risks on new concepts and ideas - and Bovada Vouchers is certainly that.

But what are they? Let's get into the details and find out!

What are Betting Vouchers?

  • Withdraw from your account by sending it to another player
  • You get an email code link that they can then put into their Bovada account to add the funds
  • No strings or terms attached - all real cash, not bonus money

Any Bovada player can opt to withdraw from their account as a voucher. This generates a code, which can then be used by another Bovada account or player to add those funds to their account.

You can use this as a gift, potentially one that will one someone money too! Alternatively, I'm sure you can think of some reason why you might want money sent to you from a friend and not from a casino eh?

Of course your friend will have to wager the money 1x at Bovada before withdrawal. But that's not too difficult!

And if they do win money, they might choose to reward your initial generosity back. Who knows! Spread the love, check out Bovada vouchers today.

How Do You Send and Claim Them?

Sending a Bovada voucher is simple. Just log in to your account, and make sure you have funds available for withdrawal.

This means bonus money must be cleared, and you've wagered any normal funds 1x. This is to prevent money laundering, which is perfectly reasonable!

If you've done that, just head to the withdrawal page and click the Bovada Voucher option. Clear the withdrawal and you'll get an email with a special Voucher Code link. Send that to your friend, family member or otherwise lucky recipient.

Once that's done - they can log into their Bovada account and visit the deposit screen. They click the voucher deposit button, paste in the code and confirm the amount that shows up. And there you go!

You, you generous person, have just given your friend free cash to wager at Bovada. Wish them luck!

Bovada Betting Vouchers: Any Strings Attached?

Nope. Nada. None.

All Bovada betting vouchers are transferred as straight up cash. No bonus money or other funny business. No maximum wins, no wagering requirements.

The 1x wagering restriction on all funds still applies, but you'll find that at almost every legit sportsbook or casino.

And that's it. Bovada Vouchers are just cash that your friend can wager how they want! And then maybe withdraw some winnings too, eh?

So if you've got a friend that wants to sign up to Bovada, or a has an account, get them to click our link and then send them Bovada Vouchers today. Feel the love, and good luck!