Is Bovada Legal In California?

California, like much of the US, has outlawed land-based gambling and sports betting. But online operators are a different question!

There is no statute in California law that will see you looked at by the law for placing a sports or casino bet at Bovada. Absolutely none. It hasn't ever and doesn't happen.

The federal laws around offshore international operators like Bovada are unclear. It until it becomes clear, which will take a lot of effort that lawmakers seem not bothered to put in, there is no chance of Bovada's operators falling foul of the law either.

So - some people, aka the feds, will tell you Bovada is potentially illegal nationally in the US. In California though, the state has a different view.

Bovada has been openly serving US customers with sports bets since the 90s. And, despite a few attempts to get the law clarified, nothing has happened to them or their customers.

So to sum it up:

  • Bovada is totally safe for you to place bets with from California
  • Bovada is a licenced and fully legal operator from Costa Rica
  • It isn't quite illegal or legal in the US federally - depending on which judge or lawyer you ask
  • Either way this state of affairs means you will not get on the wrong side of the law for playing at Bovada from California.

Easy. So you can click our link and start playing casino or sports bet at Bovada from California today.

Sports You Can Bet on Safely in California

All of them! All the popular Bovada sportsbook options are available to Californian players. This includes:

  • NFL football and the Super Bowl
  • NBA Basketball
  • Major League Baseball
  • Soccer (but not the MLS)
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • MMA and Boxing

And loads more! That's an excellent list and it covers all the biggest sports events on the global calendar. You can bet on the 49ers at Bovada, The Lakers, the Dodgers or The Chargers. Whatever - it's all here, with absolutely loads of markets and wager types for each sport too.

As you may have seen, MLS soccer and most college sports are not on the list. These organisations are belligerent about sports betting, and only allow their games to be bet on from fully regulated states. As an operator that stays on the good side of the law, Bovada has removed these from their operation.

What About Other States

You can sign up to Bovada from 45 out of 50 states - including California. These states have no laws specifically prohibiting customers from betting at online sportsbooks based offshore.

The only exceptions are the states that have passed fully regulated gambling markets into law. They are:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York

Bovada will not let you create an account using an address in these states. They all have regulated, US-based alternatives that you can look at. If you travel into those states from California - Bovada will still let you play. As long as you made your account back home in an allowed state.

And that's it! So sign up to Bovada from California today with peace of mind and security. Check our links and good luck!