Bovada Boxing

Bovada Sportsbook offering features a heavyweight selection of markets and bet types, including props, futures, classic wagers and more. Bet on fights from World Champion bouts to popular exhibition matches, with a variety of wagers.

Bovada has been about for some two decades, and has seen the evolution of boxing over the years. This gives them a lot of experience in setting market-leading odds, across all the biggest fights of the year. Sounds good so far - but what about the details?


When betting on boxing at Bovada, you'll find all the biggest bouts of the year and smaller fights every day too. There's always boxing fights to bet on at Bovada, every single day. And more on weekends!

You'll find competitive regulated bouts, amateur boxing and exhibition matches with YouTubers and other famous personalities stepping into the ring.

Boxing isn't the biggest sport in the world right now, so there's not as many events as in some other sports. But that's not really Bovada's fault. Fans of pugilism will still find a lot of different matches to bet on here, at any time of the year.


Across the dozens of matches available at any one-time Bovada offers various different wager types. These include:

  • Straight up classic win or lose bets
  • Prop bets like win by KO, technical KO or win by decision
  • Total rounds over/under bets
  • Bet on the winner of each round
  • Boxing specific wagers, such as betting on if the fight will go the distance (full 12 rounds) or in which round it will end
  • Parlay bets that bundle multiple wagers into one for increased odds but more risk

That's quite a lot of boxing wager options at Bovada. A nice amount of depth to suit even the most hardcore boxing fan.

However, it should be noted that not all of these bets are available on all fights. Smaller events, or undercard fights, might only have a few of these bets available.

There were also no futures markets for wagers such as division champions. Which is a shame. Overall, though, a good selection of wager types from Bovada - standing up to the selections in most other sports.

The Bell: Our Final Verdict

The Bovada boxing betting platform was a heavy hitter for sure. Boxing just isn't popping on the global scene as much as it was 20 years ago, so you just don't find as many fights to bet on as you once would.

Still, Bovada has all the important bouts on lock - and many more too. Plus, loads of ways to bet on them. A few futures markets would have been nice - but other than a few minors it's a knockout selection from Bovada overall.