Blackjack Online for Real Money at Bovada Casino

Bovada is a long-running online sportsbook and casino, offering international services for over 2 decades. This of course means Bovada's game collection includes blackjack tables. This ever-popular casino game has been a favourite of gamblers for several hundred years and not much has changed in the online era!

But how does the Bovada blackjack selection compare to other sites? What are the variants like, and what's the quality saying? Let's find out!


Bovada casino has 9 different variants of virtual blackjack to play your hand at. They are all developed by Scientific Games who are a respected casino game maker with lots of experience. This collection includes:

  • Classic blackjack
  • Double Deck Blackjack
  • Zappit Blackjack
  • Perfect Pair blackjack
  • European blackjack

And several more! The main differences between the variants are the side bets available, the variant rules and the odds (or house edge) of each game. Classic blackjack delivers you two cards before the players get to hit or twist, for example, where European blackjack gives you only one. In this way Classic blackjack has slightly better odds of you making the correct play!

Another example is Perfect Pairs blackjack. This lets you place an optional side bet on a perfect pair appearing in either the dealer's hand, your hand or a combination of. This is obviously more unlikely than a standard win, but it pays out more if it does come in!

There are other rules that change between variants too. For example, whether the dealer has to hit on a Soft 16 of not (soft being no Royal Cards or Aces). These small changes can have a drastic effect on the house edge of the game in question. For Bovada blackjack we recommend sticking to Classic Blackjack or Perfect Pairs.

But there is also one unique blackjack variant here you can try too…

Zappit Blackjack

An exclusive blackjack variant at Bovada, is Zappit Blackjack. This unique twist on the standard rules lets you swap out your hand before the dealer adds any more cards. But only if you hit 15+.

To offset the extra chance this gives to players to win Zappit rules, if the dealer busts on a 22 after you have taken up the Zappit - your winning hand will be pushed instead. So you get two extra chances to win, or bust, but the dealer gets an extra number to go over.

The combination of this rule, and others, gives Bovada Zappit Blackjack a house edge of 1.15%. Not bad. Usual blackjack strategy can apply here , and you should almost definitely use the Zap feature when allowed too.

Overall Review

Bovada's Blackjack selection has a small but quality selection of titles. The games are fair, with reasonable house edges and odds, and a good range of rule variants. The addition of Zappit Blackjack and Perfect Pairs adds some cool side bet action to the mix. A collection worth checking out for fans of the old online 21!