Volcano Blast 10X Slots

Welcome to our Volcano Blast 10x slot review. This modern slot has a 3x3 vintage feel with uncomplicated concepts on the reels. It features multiplying wilds and an easy 3 paylines, so you'll always know what's going on! Those multipliers can add up too, with a maximum win of 334x on a single spin.

But is it as explosive as the name suggests? Our expert slot review team looked into every aspect of this Rival Gaming slot to find out!


Volcano Blast 10x slot isn't packed with features, but there's enough to keep it interesting for sure. It would be hard to stack lots of features on an old-school three-reel type game though. And it would kind of defeat the point, so keeping it simple is a plus in this case maybe? Unless of course, you find simple games boring. It's up to you - but Volcano Blast 10x definitely knows its audience.

The background to the reels gameplay is a cool animated volcano graphic. During your play it will spill out lava and make rocky explosion noises. There three paylines that pay out for 3 symbols matched either way across each reel.

The main feature is the 10x Wilds. The Wild symbol, a volcano magma blast, will sometimes appear with a multiplier on. This can go up to 10x. If you land 3 10x multiplier wilds on one reel you'll win 334x your bet. Or 100x for just two of them.

As Wilds they also stand in for any other symbol. Which is standard slot game feature. And that, friends, is it.

Volcano Blast 10x really does keep it super simple. That also gives it a low variance, meaning you'll pick up more smaller wins, but the big wins aren't ridiculously huge like some titles.


There is no free spins bonus round in Volcano Blast 10x. None. Zilch. Nada. There are of course bonus features, outlined above. But they all take place on the main reels and not in any kind of extra or bonus round. Shame, but we get it with this type of game!


Our Volcano Blast 10x review thoughts? This is an uncomplicated and easy to understand online slot, that old-school players will enjoy. The top payout is decent, and the multiplying wilds are cool. But those of you used to multiple bonus rounds and loads of features might lost interest quickly. Old-school fans and relaxed players will find a lot to enjoy here though!